[Mich VHF UHF Society] 28 VDC Type N coax relay for sale

Dan K. kf6a at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 24 20:11:58 CDT 2014

Ah, I see. Thanks for the info, Roger!

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I saw this one on eBay and it looked like the kind I wanted -
      similar to the Dow Key Microwave 402-series.  However, they didn't
      post many details about it - just that it was 28VDC coil, Type N
      connectors, SPDT with the RelComm part number.  I couldn't find
      any data sheet during a web search, so I took a chance.  I was
      hoping that it was the failsafe type, where when power is removed,
      it switches to the NC port.  It turned out to be a latching type,
      where it stays connected to one port until it is switched to the
      other one.  Also, the 402-style relay is normally rated for about
      1000 watts or more at 144 MHz, but this one is only rated for 100
      watts - not enough for my 350 watt amp.

I  have found that 12VDC coil relays are more difficult to find
      than 28 VDC coil models, but I have found 3 12VDC relays and 3
      28VDC relays so far (2 are still being shipped from the
      Philippines and another from Israel).  My preamp system will be
      similar to this one in the top diagram: http://k6vhf.com/how-to-connect-a-lna-correctly/  I plan to add another low power DPDT RF relay (Axiom) to the input and output of the preamp to switch the ports to 50 ohm loads during transmit.  The enclosure will likely be a Hammond 1590FFL from DigiKey ($23).

BTW, I also found 5 NEW (sealed in plastic) Dow Key Microwave
      402-series Type N rated for 1.5 KW on eBay, but I wasn't fast
      enough and someone else got them for $34 each! If you look on
      eBay, search for Ducommun, Dynatech, Dow Key, Transco, Relcomm

73 Roger W8IO

On 9/24/2014 8:30 PM, Dan K. wrote:

>Just curious but what were you expecting to get that was not satisfied with this relay? I've never used a mast mounted preamp so forgive my stupid question. I have been thinking about building a 2m mast mounted preamp though so what will this relay not provide for that use?
>Dan KF6A...
> From: Roger Cox <rgcox2 at gmail.com>
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>Subject: [Mich VHF UHF Society] 28 VDC Type N coax relay for sale
>In my process of purchasing relays on eBay to build a
>mast-mounted preamps, I bought one that wasn't what I
              thought it was.  
>If anyone is interested in this before I put it back on
              eBay, I am 
>offering it for $40.  Here are the details:
>RelComm model RDL-SR014
>SPDT Type N coaxial latching relay
>28 VDC coil
>Rated DC-13 GHz
>DC-3 GHz  1.25:1 max VSWR, 0.25 dB insertion loss, 70 dB
>3-5 GHz  1.45:1 max VSWR, 0.30 dB insertion loss, 60 dB
>5-11 GHz, 1.60:1 max VSWR, 0.50 dB insertion loss, 50 dB
>11-13 GHz, 1.70:1 max VSWR, 0.65 dB insertion loss, 50 dB
>RF Power (average): 100 watts to 6 GHz, 50 watts to 13 GHz
>make before break (3 ms overlap)
>switching voltage: 21 VDC
>Operating voltage: 24-32 VDC
>switching time: 20ms
>I have a data sheet from the manufacturer and photos if
              anyone is 
>interested.  I tested S21 at work, and measured 0.03 dB at
              50, 144 and 
>432 MHz, 0.1 dB at 1296 for common to the switched port.
              Isolation to 
>the unswitched port was 100-120 dB.
>Roger W8IO
>Spring Lake, MI
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