[Mich VHF UHF Society] New email list...

Tom k8tb at bosscher.org
Sat Sep 6 20:37:18 CDT 2014

It might seem confusing, but I have added all of you on the original 
MiVUS email list server to its new home, mivus at mivus.org.

Yup, we now own www.mivus.org.

I will keep the old mivus at k8tb.org up for a day or two to make all is 
well on the proper home, then I will delete that obsolete list.

While there is content on www.mivus.org, it is temporary. I will be 
trying to design up a new look  over the new few weeks, and then adding 
content. If there is anything you would like to be on the new web site, 
please let me know.

73 de Tom, K8TB, MiVUS web kind of a guy

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