[Mich VHF UHF Society] NE8I

Mark Korroch wb8tgy at yahoo.com
Fri May 10 08:18:41 CDT 2019

 Thanks Roger and Tom!!
Maybe I'll get a chance to work NE8I again in the 10 GHz and up contest!!
73,Mark  WB8TGY 

    On Friday, May 10, 2019, 9:13:19 AM EDT, Tom <k8tb at bosscher.org> wrote:  
 Today, May 10, 2019, the FCC granted the Michigan VHF UHF Society 
Lloyd's NE8I call.

It has been an over two year wait for this call, as we had to wait the 
full two years and then the call was in an 18 day lottery. We have other 
application compete against us, but we got Lloyd's call.

NE8I will be the call to use in contests for club scoring.

Thank you to Roger, W8IO, the MIVUS trustee for the precise timing of 
the application.

Tom Bosscher K8TB

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