[Mich VHF UHF Society] Reminder of the annual meeting of MIVUS, August 20, 2016 at 4 PM

Tom k8tb at bosscher.org
Tue Jul 12 19:17:20 CDT 2016

     Put August 20, 2016 on the calendar.

We will have the annual meeting of MIVUS at 4 PM at the 3rd annual 
"Spark in the Park".

MIVUS President KF8QL has the following on the agenda:

Worked all Michigan Grids Award
Submitting contest scores using the MIVUS club name
Increasing Activity on VHF/UHF
Beacons - active, and planned
...and of course input from the floor.

More information on Spark in the Park:

In just under six weeks the 3rd annual "Spark in the Park", a Science 
Fair for amateur radio, will be held.

You have heard about it, now please put the date and time on your 
calendar to see what seven West Michigan amateur radio clubs have put 

As with last year, Spark in the Park will be held at the Home School 
Building gym, located at 5625 Burlingame SW, Wyoming, Michigan.

There will many varied exhibits of the various facets of amateur radio, 
including AMSAT/satellite radio, DMR, mobile VHF/UHF rovers, Go-bags and 
boxes, exceptional home brew equipment, Morse key collections, software 
defined radios, Red Cross and Salvation Army vehicles, the ARRL, and 
other groups.

More information at http://www.k8tb.org/sitp.htm

There is no admission fee or table fee, due to the sponsoring efforts of 
seven West Michigan clubs:

*Holland Amateur Radio Club*

*Lowell Amateur Radio Club*

*Grand Rapids Amateur Radio Association*

*Allegan County Amateur Radio Club*

*Kalamazoo Amateur Radio Club*

*Muskegon Area Amateur Radio Council*

*Riverside Radio Amateurs (Ionia County)*


For more information, contact Tom, K8TB at k8tb (at) bosscher.org

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